Month: December 2018

a blog by bj draKe



A good friend of mine sent me a friendly wave on Facebook Messenger late last night after he read “I’m Sorry.” “I’m sorry we weren’t here for you, bro.” The truth is that he was, as were many others. Everyone – at some point – shook my shoulders to shake some sense into my soggy…
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god smudged his fingerprint

god smudged his fingerprint, so until the inK has dried n is wash/d from between his whorl, au revoir .


blinK / d

from higher frequencies borderless vibrations, away from the third observer , who never judges whose bacK is turn / d towards an artificial trompe l ‘ oeil , a taciturn gate – keeper , who , dress / d in rags , perches amid the pair of foolishly wander / d eyes , an unarmed…
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walking in front of train

Anti-Depressants Don’t Kill Creativity, Depression Kills Creative Minds

For years I bought into the myth that “anti-depressants kill creativity.” It is a dangerous myth that is perpetuated by quackery factories like the Scientology community and other fanatic religious movements. The lazy practitioners of medicine and the greedy, deep pockets of the big-pharma industry don’t help by over-prescribing medication to people who don’t need…
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starry night

I’m Sorry

I am bipolar and suffer from social anxiety. Phewf. That is “my truth” and it is something I’ve rarely even admitted to myself, let alone anyone I know. Until recently. What’s changed? Well, I had a nervous breakdown; the last of a string of many since a Traumatic Brain Injury that debilitated me for a…
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