Narcissist, much?

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Narcissist, much?

Narcissist, Much?

We live in a social society that filters out the ugly.  

When you don’t, it scares people.

Love Life or Die Trying IS NOT a cry for help, sympathy or attention.

The mind amazes me and my mind has unique quirks that I want to understand.

One thing about my quirks that I’ve come to understand is that they aren’t so unique.

Those who suffer from mental illness suffer similarly to others with the same problems.

It is somewhat textbook.

Admittedly, the mind’s textbook is never-ending and highly cryptic.

The only way we’ll be able to decipher the peculiarities of the mind is to share our deepest insights into the only one we have full access to; our own.

Believe me, it’d be a lot easier to just shh and not be vulnerable because I prefer to not talk about what bothers me.

Silence will never help me put the pieces of the puzzle back in place.

And – the reason why I write this website- maybe some of my pieces match your pieces.

I’m an observer to life and I live in the world that I observe.

I stand back when I write.

It’s analytical. 

My mind wandered towards the cliff and jumped into the abyss, yet survived the fall.

It dug deep, hit an artery and kept digging.

The mind’s soggy bandages are dry and now I want to know why I didn’t stop.

Why did I jump?

I don’t write this for people to say, “are you okay?”

I write this to help others and myself.


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