Motivation Motivates

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Motivation Motivates


When I was depressed and isolated, I began writing a list of everything that I’d accomplished during the day, no matter how insignificant I considered it to be it.

I soon realized that we don’t give ourselves enough credit for everything we do, even on the days we do little.

On an uneventful day, my list would look something like this in the morning…

Woke up at 5:15 am.  Read the bible.  Wrote the rough copy of a new blog.  Drank 2 cups of water w/medication.  Made 2 x eggs and whole wheat toast for breakfast.  Made pancakes for daughter.  Dressed daughter and drove her to daycare.  Got coffee from Starbucks and finished blog.

Then, I’d update it later in the day to give myself a boost of motivation, and again at night so I’d fall asleep feeling accomplished.

When you are depressed, you need to stoke your self-esteem in whatever ways possible.

To give yourself credit for what you do without thinking is an easy way to feel better about yourself.

Motivation motivates.

The longer the lists grow, the more confident you feel and the more you will eventually take on.

When you try to think of every positive choice you made that day to participate in life, you see that you’ve made more motivated choices than you assume.

It takes effort to live, even when we think we’re not living.

So, give yourself credit where credit is due.

Because when you do, you’ll start to do more.


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