Introduction to “The Concussion Diaries”

At the lowest point of my Traumatic Brain Injury I felt completely alone.

That’s no disrespect to my wife and friends who were there for me.

I love them for everything they did and even their smallest acts were greatly appreciated.


But, there isn’t a lot of literature on the seriousness of a Traumatic Brain Injury.

People think it’s a concussion and when I was growing up that meant you bumped your head.

Get up and go play, sissy.

Doctors and therapist’s understanding didn’t go beyond their textbooks.

No one understands the stigma behind an injury that isn’t visible.

“You look fine.”

In this blog I’ll talk about…

How my concussion happened.
How my concussion was perceived by my employers, friends and family.
The symptoms (sensitivity to light, loud noise, visual motion, dizziness, loss of balance, loss of appetite, weight loss, muscle loss, tinnitus, stuttering, word loss, forgetfulness, blackouts, etc…).
The effects it had on my relationship and family.
The lurking depression and how I avoided slipping too deep by using Positive Affirmations, meditation and cold showers.
Finding the silver lining in my injury and using it for self-improvement.
How I changed emotionally (and how emotions are experienced differently, now).
My experiences with doctors and specialists and the lack of understanding from EVERYONE.
Dealing with Workers Compensation on Long Term Disability.
How acceptance to my situation (and it’s potential longevity) changed my perspective.
Learning about Karma.
How spirituality helped me maintain a positive outlook throughout my injury.
How I used the silence of isolation for deep introspection.
How scary it was to think that I might never fully recover.
The fear that my opportunities to become my true-self may have passed.
The promise I made to myself early on during my injury that motivated recovery.

The Concussion Diaries are a documentation of everything related to the experience of my injury.

I piece it all together with the hundreds of incoherent notes left behind, everywhere, and explain how the concussion was the catalyst to something bigger in my life.

I hope it helps.