blinK / d

a blog by bj draKe

blinK / d


from higher frequencies
borderless vibrations, away from
observer , who never judges
whose bacK is turn / d
towards an artificial trompe
l ‘ oeil , a taciturn
gate – keeper , who ,
dress / d in rags , perches amid
the pair of foolishly
wander / d
eyes , an unarmed watcher ,
guardian of a connection lost
once it is bombarded with stupefacient
stimuli until it is brimming w / an uproar
of nothingness and defeat / d, replete,
familiarly relax / d , comfort / d in routine ,
lethargic , sunKen into a couch
conform / d to the pathetic blobby vessel ,
held up on the bony shoulders of devilish
brethren , who cackle w /t he
live ( ? ) studio audience
as the flame of your
out .

blinK / d.


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